“…parallels with MMF’s mission of dialogue and collaboration.”

On March 23, 2012, MMF hosted FBI Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Bradley Swim as the speaker for its Dinner with Speaker series. SSA Swim currently serves as the Domestic Terrorism Supervisor for the Denver FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and has been with the FBI for 15 years. He was part of the investigation of the Pittsburgh plane crash on 9/11.
Drawing parallels with MMF’s mission of dialogue and collaboration, SSA Swim stated that as terrorism is an issue too large and complex for one agency to handle, no single agency can unilaterally accomplish the mission against terrorism. That is why JTTF pursues critical partnerships with local agencies with the “Success through Cooperation” motto.
SSA Swim talked about the distinction between common crime and terrorism, and pointed out that terrorism is an act of violence for a political or social goal. Domestic terrorism is conducted by a group or an individual based and operating entirely within the U.S, as opposed to international terrorism that transcends national boundaries. He categorized domestic terrorism into three types, namely, left-wing, single-issue (or special interest), and right-wing terrorism. He also added that domestic terrorism is nothing new, it has been around for a long time, but it is more deadly now because of technological advances. Generally, the terrorists use their acts of terror to promote their ideology. Accordingly, animal rights extremism that takes human life to protect animal life, and environmental extremism that destroys vehicles using too much gas are two examples of single issue/special interest type of domestic terror. On the other hand, SSA Swim mentioned that the motivators of right-wing extremism are religion, politics, or race, and gave examples of individuals and armed groups.
SSA Swim emphasized the importance FBI puts on creating dialogue between businesses and the community with the law enforcement agencies by giving the “Don’t hesitate to call us” message. Using this type of outreach, FBI was able to prevent a second attack to the Fort Hood facility.
Responding to a question from the audience, SSA Swim asserted that the FBI director is appointed for a term of 10 years and it is apolitical, protecting it from the influence of any one government. Finally, SSA Swim thanked MMF and the audience for the opportunity to speak at the foundation. President Akbulut presented the guest speaker a Turkish traditional gift on behalf of MMF, and invited the audience to join MMF’s next speaker event which will host John Walsh, US Attorney General to the District of Colorado.