We Can’t Overlook Issues in Turkey

The Tim Danahey Show

Turkey is in turmoil. It borders Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Greece. It shares the Black Sea with Russia and the Ukraine. The strategic implications of Turkey’s unfolding political failures loom over Middle East peace and regional stability. Prime Minister Erdogan has replaced the judiciary and prosecutors who investigated his administration that is allegedly rife with corruption. He even redefined corruption to be limited to stealing from public money. That means bribes paid to government officials from private corporations are now considered legal. As Erdogan breaks his working relationship with Hizmet (Fetullah Gulen’s adherents) and his AKP party, he seeks to re-establish a base with Islamists who are favored by only ten percent of the population. Learn what’s happening in this country of 70 million people that is the United States’ fifth largest trading partner. You should be concerned.

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Guest: Ahmet Kuru, San Diego State University