One such principle is that taking the life of a single innocent is a crime against all humanity

“Every terrorist act carried out in the name of Islam profoundly affects all Muslims, alienating them from fellow citizens and deepening the misperceptions about their faith’s ethos.” 2016 Around the Fountain series started with a compelling argument from Fethullan Gülen. Fethullah Gülen in his article “Muslims Must Fight Extremist Cancer” makes six suggestions for Muslims to take action against the extremist terror in the name of Islam:
a. First, we must denounce violence and not fall prey to victim-hood.
b. Second, it is important to promote a holistic understanding of Islam
c. Third, Muslims must publicly promote human rights—dignity, life and liberty.
d. Fourth, Muslims must provide educational opportunities to every member of their communities, where the study of sciences, humanities and arts is embedded in a culture of respect for every living being.
e. Fifth, providing religious education to Muslims is critical to depriving extremists of a tool that they use to spread their twisted ideologies.
f. Finally, it is imperative that Muslims support equal rights for women and men.

The January session of the Around the Fountain discussion that took place at Mosaic focused on various aspects of extremism and its relationship with Islam. About 35 participants from different backgrounds had the opportunity to seek answers to their hard-pressing questions. In agreement with Mr. Gülen, the participants contended that violent extremism has no religion as there will always be people who manipulate faith texts. Also participants asserted that mainstream Islam is a way of moderation as Islam’s core ethics are not left to interpretation.

According to Mr. Gülen, “One such principle is that taking the life of a single innocent is a crime against all humanity (Quran 5:32). Even in an act of defense in war, violence against any noncombatants, especially women, children and clergy, is specifically prohibited by the Prophet’s teachings.”