Multicultural Mosaic Foundation Condemns the Actions of Gunmen in France

Denver, January 12, 2015 – Multicultural Mosaic Foundation abhors the actions and motives of three masked gunmen, who attacked the office of a French satirical newspaper in Paris on January 7th. The gunmen killed at least 12 people and left more injured.

The publication, called Charlie Hebdo, recently published several cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The gunmen are suspected to have been responding to these images with an atrocious act of self-radicalized retaliation.

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation also condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack on the Jewish grocery store in Paris on January 9th. Such horrific actions represent an assault on human values and can never be justified.

There is no way to justify the killing of or violence against innocent people.

Members of the Multicultural Mosaic Foundation vehemently condemn the attacks. Their actions are wholly incompatible with the values and work of the Multicultural Mosaic Foundation, which seek to promote unity, understanding, compassion and peaceful dialogue.

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation sends its thoughts and encouragement to the families and friends of those killed or injured, the staff at Charlie Hebdo, the Jewish community in Paris and the whole of France as they unite against such acts of terror.