Statement of Solidarity with the Fort Collins Muslim community

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation is deeply concerned about the incidents of vandalism against mosques, the latest of which took place on March 26 in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Islamic Center of Fort Collins was attacked by a person who threw rocks and a Bible through a window of the center in the early morning. As we express our support to the Fort Collins Muslim community, we also appreciate the gathering of the community members together with the congregants from a nearby church and synagogue to stand against bigotry and hate on Sunday afternoon. We believe that such displays of community strength and solidarity are essential to prevent hate crimes that threaten social peace and harmony. We are also relieved that the culprit of this hate crime was caught and hope that justice will be served.

The vandalism at Fort Collins was the latest of the attacks against many vulnerable groups in the US including the desecration of cemeteries, attacks on religiously observant people, threatening cultural centers and damaging prayer spaces. We have witnessed in history and in our collective memories that targeting a community or religious group does not help the very fabric of the society people live in. Great nations and countries always thrived and succeeded with their rich and diverse communities.The dynamism of the American people is stronger and better with people of all faiths and no faith, who are respectful towards each other. It is our goal to build relationships based on understanding, respect and love in our diverse communities.