“More Muslims should claim ownership of this country and engage in the democratic process.” Dr. Carroll Watkins Ali

Social Justice and Muslims in America

Dr. Ali gave a talk on March 28th Social Justice and Muslims in America. Dr. Ali pointed out that it is now the time for Muslims to come out and support individuals and groups that experience oppression and persecution. Dr. Ali emphasized on the importance of working together as people of different faith traditions.
Dr. Ali suggested three points for Muslims to consider:
1. Muslims should be holding the country accountable to a democratic way of life along with all American people.
2. Muslims should take an active role in advocating for other oppressed populations.
3. Muslims should not find themselves contributing to the racial injustice that permeates through American society.

Dr, Ali’s talk can be found on Mosaic’s Facebook page.

Carroll A. Watkins Ali, Ph. D (AKA Sadikia Ali) Earned a Joint Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Religious and Psychological Studies from the University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology. She is the author of a seminal text in Womanist Pastoral Theology entitled, “Survival and Liberation: Pastoral Theology in African American Context,” and numerous other publications. She lectures and teaches across the country including Islamic Studies as well. Currently, Dr. Watkins Ali is directing two nonprofit organizations in Denver Colorado, Muslim Family Services of Colorado and the Greater Denver Interfaith Alliance and spearheading the “Above Ground Emancipation Movement,” which is a national effort to develop a communal system of care to impact the mental and spiritual healing of Black people in this country. Dr. Watkins Ali is also the founder and President of Watkins Ali & Associates LLC, a consulting firm for business and nonprofit management, marketing and cultural-based approaches to practice and maintains a private psychotherapy practice. She is the wife of Imam Abdur-Rahim Ali (resident Imam of Northeast Denver Islamic Center/ Masjid Taqwa), a proud mother and grandmother.