Why should you donate?

Our existence is based on voluntary action for the common good. It is a tradition of giving and sharing that is primary to the quality of life. Without the donations of time, talent and resources that we receive from generous people and institutions, Multicultural Mosaic Foundation would not be able to continue working towards ending conflict in our social lives due to cultural, ethnic, and faith based differences

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity where your donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to help and support our cause, please scroll down and click on the Donate link. If you prefer to write a check, please make checks payable to Multicultural Mosaic Foundation and mail it to 14232 E Evans Ave Aurora, CO 80014. Many thanks for your trust and vision turning into action by your donation!


It is our word to assure that information about any donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law. Therefore, Multicultural Mosaic Foundation has adopted the policy hereby to assure the prudent and discreet use of all information pertaining to individuals and organizations that have contributed, pledged, or may pledge gifts to Multicultural Mosaic Foundation .

Information you provide us with will be treated in agreement with the policies detailed below.

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation does not release donor information outside of the organization and its related entities and programs unless authorized by the donor. We do not sell or otherwise share donor information to any outside parties, and shall protect each donor’s personal information regardless of the format in which it is held. We educate our employees and volunteers on the importance of protecting the privacy and security of confidential personal and organizational information.

Donors are requested to provide limited personal information to Multicultural Mosaic Foundation in order to expedite the completion of contribution transactions, provide charitable gifting tax information, and facilitate donor recognition. This provision of personal information by the donor is completely voluntary. This information is retained in the financial records of Multicultural Mosaic Foundation for financial recording and IRS purposes.


Multicultural Mosaic Foundation exercises special caution to protect the identity of donors who wish to remain anonymous. The names of all anonymous donors, as well as other identifying information, are withheld on all donor-related documents.